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Dollartone, Blaster Records, Momentary Love and Sweet Beaver proudly present the 3rd annual WILD PONIES HAPPY HOUR at The Family Wash at this years AMA conference in Nashville.

We are delighted to announce that Morgan O'Kane wrote the theme music for the new
television hit WGN's OUTSIDERS.
This is quality television and we are very proud of Morgan's song,
"Taker's Creed" written and performed exclusively for the show. 
You can watch the episodes on WGN on Tuesday nights or right here on their Youtube channel.
Watch the theme sequence below to hear "Taker's Creed".
Martin Harley and Daniel Kimbro released Live At Southern Ground,
in September 2015 and it is 
Available here on CD and Vinyl

Following a very successful voyage on CAYAMO,
Martin is performing 8 showcases and teaching 3 master classes
at FOLK ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL in Kansas City, MO Feb. 17-20, 2016.


Dollartone is a full service music company, offering bespoke campaigns to suit clients needs. These services include management, label, consulting and agency to select artists. Merchandise, marketing and event management are also offered. Dollartone is a 35+ year old label, originally based in Winnipeg, MB.
In 2010 the label was taken on by artist manager Shawna Cooper and the company moved its offices to Guelph, Ontario. The label morphed to offer expanded label services at that time.

Working with a network of publicists, promoters, designers, agents, distributors and artists we focus on the artists goals and most importantly bringing great music and great audiences together primarily in N. America and Europe.

Dollartone is also involved with organizing the Sweet Beaver showcasing project. 

We care about what we do, who we work with, and all of our experiences with the music.
Heck, we figure you are here because you share our belief that music can be transformative, that you've all had that experience where a line in a song resonates in a way that you couldn't quite put in words before, that your mood was clearly altered by sounds or a moment at a live show that changed the way you see things.
That is why we do what we do.
We strive to bring the best roots-infused and inspiring music to the greatest audiences. 

General contact: info{at}dollartone{dot}com
Label contact: Shawna{at}dollartone{dot}com
Management: Shawna{at}dollartone{dot}com
Dollartone is distributed in Canada via OUTSIDE
Dollartone is distributed in Benelux via SONIC RENDEZVOUS
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