Dimpker Brothers in Lion's Bay

Lion's Bay Concerts , Lion's Bay, BC

Martin (22) and Adam (19) are The Dimpker Brothers. Their songs are as big as a wide-open sky. As a physical place from which they hail. A formative influence in their upbringing. A metaphorical lover they left to pursue their dreams. And comfort to which they can always return. Their upbeat “folk pop with blues influences” songs, often about love and longing, bounce and lift you up. Since winning Imagine Sweden (2015), they’ve played in front of thousands of people at festivals and city events across Europe, North America and Swedish radio stations play their songs on rotation, which has earned them an amazing buzz. They're the honest-hard-working-super-talented-up-and-comer-every-town-hometown-boys that you want to cheer for. Now the Dimpker Brothers are ready to take on Canada!

Hosted in an intimate unique setting, this is a once in a blue moon opportunity to see a gigantic Swedish star before they break big. But don't take our word for it, come hear for yourself.

Tickets are limited. Every seat is a great seat. Bring something to drink and a plate to share (potluck). Maybe a friend or two or five or six. You definitely want to be in the room for this one!